Friday, April 23, 2010

Spoon in a bowl full of Crazy

So I take my dog out to go to the bathroom and while waiting in my yard for him to do his business, I hear the new neighbors come out of there house. Here is how the coversation between them went. Man comes out YELLING "Yeah well he is nuttin but a f*cking a$$hole, doesn't know what the f*ck he is doin, Stupid F*ck, man stupid f*ck" Women YELLS "when did we git a f*ckin gall-yon of milk (yes I did misspell gallon but that's how she said it gall-yon) knocked me on my f*cking ass..HA HA"
Meanwhile the neighbor "girl" on the other side is barking because her dog is barking but instead of the normal woof woof, she desides to SCREAM "BAWRK BAWRK BAWRK" Her mother is screaming out the window..."Shut the hell up,dumb little b*tch" "BAWRK BAWRK BAWRK" door slams. Across the street the urban rooster starts barking.I feel like the spoon in a big bowl full of crazy soup...Being the spoon, you get to lift outta the bowl on occassion, like going to work or going on a vacation but its inevidible that you go back in the soup...when you come home from work or vacation.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Start spreading the News

I just came back from New York and what a culture shock. Trying to sleep at home was an adjustment because of the noise...Here is the sad but true, I stayed acrossed the street from Madison Square Garden and my bedroom at home was noiser. Between the car stereos bumping away, the "speed racers" flying down the road, the Urban Roosters barking away...So start spreading the News..Sharon PA can be noisier than New York City. Glancing up and down my street I think out loud that New York was cleaner too. I see a bent Weed & Seed sign with paint on it, because the drug dealers here know its a big joke, I look and see garbage littering the streets, a beer bottle, a crinkled bag of frito's, looks like a condom...(must have been a party and with a high class broad...I mean there was even fritos!)

We called the Sharon PD about the barking dog...This time the response was "Dispatch call the party back and tell them no one is home and that the dog is doing what dogs do" The police here tend to treat the callers as the criminals by questioning them as to why they are bothering the police...HOW BOUT TO DO YOUR JOBS!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What matters where...

I wake up this morning to the sounds of the Urban Roosters at 6am, Urban roosters being the neighbors barking pitbulls... But I digress, at least she waited until 6am and allowed me a nights sleep. While getting ready for work I hear the scanner, "County, open a call for a vehicle stop at Avalone Country Club area for loud music"...WHAT WHAT WHAT are they kidding me?!? I guess what matters is where you are in Sharon for the police to care about noise. Vehicles drive by and park in front of my home with stereos so loud that my windows vibrate, VMMM VMMM VMMM is all you hear in the house. I have tried calling the police before and was told there was no noise ordinance regarding vehicle noise...Bullsh*t. I looked and there is a PA state-wide ordinance regardless of what town your in and I let the PD know that. I don't want them to think they are dealing with a compliant drone who takes everything they say as golden. It appears to me that Stambaugh Avenue is the cut off line for what matters, anything below Stambaugh and your basically screwed. I'm thinking maybe they should wall off that section of town, after I move out of course, and do like they did on the movie escape from New York. Your on your own because what matters is where you are not what the laws are from what Sharon PD and Gov't offices has shown.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They own the streets...I'm home

Ok...I'm drivng home from work and all is good through Hermitage, Down the freeway and then it happens...I turn unto Stambaugh Ave in Sharon and begin the treck into hell. Driving down just one single street in sharon...5 stops signs, here is what I see...7 vehicles parked the wrong way facing traffic, a vehicle parked AT a stop sign and a vehicle parked dirrectly under a NO PARKING HERE TO CORNER sign..It is only one street..lets see times that time the total number of streets in Sharon and's allot (I don't like doing math) of vehicle violations just overlooked everyday. I turn the corner to start heading home and of course have the usual wait for the 5 to 7 adults walking down the middle of the streets because they are above using the sidewalks provided and refuse...REFUSE to move off the road for a car.They have been conditioned to do as they please with no fear of repercussions because the most basic pedestrian laws aren't inforced. It rolls down hill. They own the streets...I'm home.

Bark Bark Bark

Well last night again was another fun night for sleeping...NOT! My neighbor again who has 2 pit bulls decides at midnight almost every night to put her dogs outside and that is when the endless barking and high pitched "yipping" begins. After 2 hours I am fed up and AGAIN call the Sharon Police who ask her to bring in her dogs and keep them quite or they will write her citation. This is all well and good but this is the fourth time they have told her that...and guess what??? Go ahead Guess...Your right no citation! I can't even get them to write a police report. I was told only auto accidents get written reports. So now, being one of I am sure only a few "legal" working adults on my block, I get to work today, as with other days on my 3 hours of sleep. Thank you Sharon PD.

It all starts today

This is my first Blog. I am not a poet or writer by any means. Some of what you read my have wit, some may be misspelled, mis-quoted and grammatically wrong...but thats it. I am here to make a point about the decline of the City of Sharon and it would appear the unwillingness of its officials, officers and affiliates to put an effort forward to aid in stopping this decline.

I want to have my home back, my streets back from the dregs of humanity that seem to want to take it from me. Chime in if your feeling as I do and want a change.